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#*Yummy Catching Fireflies Zero Calorie Coffee



Zero Calorie Coffee!!! Makes 8-10 Cups

Riverside Blend: Medium Body Nutty Sweet

Jazzy Java: Just Like A Snickerdoodle

Felicitious Firefly: Carmel, Hazelnut, & Butterscotch

Vanilla Nut Cream: Vanilla At It's Best

Delightfully Decadent: Creamy, Caramel & Chocolate

Jamaican Island: Kahlua, Caramel, & Vanilla

Raz-Mocha: Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Christmas Flavors:

Jingle Bell Java - Kahlua, Caramel & Vanilla

Mistletoe Magic - Creamy Caramel & Chocolate

Gnomebody Gnows - Caramel, Hazelnut and Butterscotch

HO HO Holiday - Vanilla

You will love this Coffee!!!!!

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